Year 1 Storytime

Miss Foreman reads The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Welcome back to the final story of the week, another story from the Year 1 reading spine that I hope you all enjoy!

Miss Foreman reads The Gruffalo's Child

Welcome back for another Gruffalo adventure, can the Gruffalo's Child find the Big Bad Mouse?

Miss Foreman reads Tyrannosaurs Drip

Welcome to another story with Miss Foreman, today she has chosen a prehistoric tale about dinosaurs to share with you.

Miss Foreman reads A Squash and A Squeeze

I hope you enjoy today's story, another book by Julia Donaldson, A Squash and A Squeeze!

Miss Foreman reads The Ugly Five

Hello everyone and welcome back for another story with Miss Foreman - an adventure with some interesting looking African animals!

Miss Foreman reads Elmer and the Stranger

Hello everyone and welcome to the last story of the week, Elmer and the Stranger.

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